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Song Family Law, APLC, is a full service, boutique family law firm serving Southern California. I am Hogan W. Song, a Certified Family Law Specialist, experienced divorce attorney and divorce mediator, the founder of this law firm. My successful case history includes two appeals, one of which sets important new laws for California trial courts.

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Divorce Help


Questions to ask, how to start, property division, military pensions

Mediation Help


What you need to know about avoiding courtroom litigation through mediation

Custody Help


Understanding Orange County’s unique custody and visitation rules

Child Support Help


Guidelines for ensuring your children have what they need, including adult-child support

Spousal Support Help


Comprehensive guidance for fair and just spousal support during and following divorce

A Better Approach To Your Divorce

As a family law attorney and Certified Family Law Specialist, I understand how difficult it can be to protect your rights and build a stable future for yourself when you are contending with a divorce. Emotional turbulence can sometimes cloud the decision-making process for even the most practical and intelligent person. That is why it is important to consult with an attorney who provides straightforward legal counsel and practical solutions for resolving the myriad issues that arise during divorce.

If you have children, it is essential to resolve your differences with the other parent as amicably as possible. Regardless of your level of disputes, your children deserve the safety net of stability and a hope for their future. I can help you.

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Change Is Hard, But Not Impossible With An Attorney At Your Side

Separation and divorce frequently present a couple or a family with overwhelming changes. Even when the changes will be for everyone’s good in the long run, it can still be difficult to adjust to your new normal. The right attorney can help you develop the best strategy to approach your circumstances.

You can create your own settlement agreements dealing with property division, spousal support, and if you have children, your custody and visitation agreements through negotiation or mediation. As an experienced mediator, I can help you explore the benefits of resolving disagreements through mediation. When you choose mediation, you are choosing a path that could possibly resolve your toughest disputes with the other party quicker, more privately and usually with significantly less expense versus the cost of battling it out in family court.

Mediation is not for everyone. When your rights are subject to violation and the most efficient way to protect your rights is before the family court tribunal, I will assertively represent you in court or in the appellate court.

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Attorney Hogan W. Song

As the son of a single mother, I understand how difficult divorce can be on individuals and families. This is where my passion to work hard and ensure each of my clients knows the hope of a better future is possible comes from. To this end, I limit the number of cases I work on so each of my clients gets the personal and meticulous attention they need to resolve their legal issue effectively.

Unparalleled Legal Advocacy

I handle the full spectrum of family law matters, including divorce litigation, divorce mediation, complex property division, military pensions, business separations, support, custody, visitation, domestic abuse, post-divorce, post-judgment issues and appeals.