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How Much Is Child Support In California?

California uses a guideline formula for computing child support. The formula is stated algebraically as CS = K[HN – (H%)(TN)]. (Family Code § 4055.) The components of the formula are child support (CS); the amount of both parents’ income to be allocated for child support (K); high earner’s net monthly disposable income (HN); approximate percentage of time the high earner has primary physical responsibility for the children (H%); and total net monthly disposable income (TN).

And…that’s why courts use a computer program like DissoMaster or Xspouse to calculate guideline child support. Some mistakenly think California’s child support guidelines are a computer formula. Rather, the child support guidelines are based on the algebraic formula provided in Family Code Section 4055. The computer program, officially approved for use by the courts, helps calculate child support using the formula.

Accurate Child Support Calculations

If you want to get an accurate calculation of child support, you can hire an experienced Orange County child support attorney to do a calculation for you. You can also take a look at the state’s free child support calculator. I suggest you avoid other calculators, because of accuracy issues.

Here’s the bottom line, as you can tell from the formula the most important components that go into the child support calculation are income and custodial time.

If you think something is missing from the formula, you are right. The number of children is addressed in another part of the statute (Family Code § 4055(b)(4)). For more than one child, you would multiply child support using the table in the statutes.

The computer program does the calculation for you. But, in a very general way, you can see that the more income you make and less custodial time you have, the more child support you will pay.

Get Experienced Assistance With The Guiding Principles For Child Support In California

Both parents must consider supporting their children a primary responsibility. Parents must support the financial needs of their children in such a way that their children have the best possible standard of living. While the state provides a set of guidelines and a calculator, there may be nuanced exceptions that apply in your circumstances. I am an experienced family law attorney and Certified Family Law Specialist who understands how critical it is to have accurate calculations for child support. Call my law firm, Song Family Law, APLC, for a consultation at 888-999-0259 or send me an email to discuss your child custody matters.