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Seek Help Immediately For Domestic Violence

Are you caught in the cycle of domestic violence? Creating an exit strategy can be a difficult process on your own. Sometimes an abusive partner makes attractive promises or reconciliation efforts that can be hard to resist. But the cycle cannot be broken without commitment and a constellation of support.

Domestic violence is not just physical or sexual violence, but can also involve subtle, but just as powerfully oppressive, forms of abuse, such as:

  • Economic abuse: Hindering a spouse or partner from seeking independent employment, or forcing them to ask for money, taking their money or not allowing them access to the family checking or savings account
  • Coercion or verbal threats: Threatening to commit suicide or harm the children; forcing one’s spouse to commit illegal acts and other verbal attacks
  • Intimidation: Holding a fist up, displaying a gun or a knife in arguments, smashing lamps or artwork against walls
  • Emotional abuse: Humiliating a spouse or partner in front of others, saying things to make them feel embarrassed or guilty

If you are the victim of any of the above, you can seek a domestic violence restraining order.

Getting A Protective Order

You may petition the court for a protective order to safeguard you and other family members to keep the abuser from contacting you in person or by other means and continuing the verbal or emotional abuse. Domestic violence restraining orders can also keep you safe from the abuser’s other acts, such as:

  • Threatening
  • Stalking
  • Hitting
  • Attacking
  • Sexually assaulting
  • Harassing
  • Destroying property

This is not an exhaustive list.

Take Back Your Life

In an emergency, please contact the authorities. To learn more about domestic abuse, check out the Power and Control Wheel. Domestic abuse issues often have their source in power and control issues.

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