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Call (888) 999-0259 or contact me through this site to let me know how I can help you with your family law needs. Call for a free phone consultation and I will provide a free divorce assessment. 


Song Family Law, APLC is a full service, boutique family law firm serving Southern California. I am an experienced divorce attorney and divorce mediator. 



I am also a father of three boys, son of a single mother, and passionate about every case I handle. I limit my caseload and each of my clients has my personal cell phone number. Dealing with family law issues and divorce can be a long hard road. Having the right attorney who walks beside you can make all the difference. 





I had a challenging case and consulted with Mr. Hogan Song.  He was responsive and answered my numerous questions.  I admit I'm demanding and not the easiest person to deal with, but Hogan was always pleasant and professional and clearly explained my options objectively.  He thoroughly reviewed my documentation and provided a realistic strategy, so there were no surprises.  Best of all, the outcome was favorable and I was satisfied.  I'd absolutely recommend Hogan. - Yelp review


Mr. Song is an excellent lawyer and has helped me through a stressful time.  He was able to guide me through the complicated process of my divorce and answered all my questions to my satisfaction without making me feel as if they were "stupid questions."  He is a top notch attorney and I highly recommend his services. - Yelp review


Hogan Song is knowledgeable and attentive. Worked hard and got results. Very happy and thankful that I hired him for my divorce and custody case. - AVVO review


Hogan is a very thorough and competent professional who always had my best interests in mind. He never missed our scheduled meetings and always took my calls. He was able to give me solid legal advice on crisis situations. - AVVO review


Hogan is a very thorough and  excellent lawyer. He represented me through my divorce, after I fired my last lawyer. He is smart and didn't charge me a crazy amount in fees, unlike my last attorney. - Google Review







Having a smart, experienced attorney can make all the difference when going to court. With aggressive solutions and cost-effective strategies, the right divorce attorney can make the hard road of divorce less painful. Unlike many firms, at the Song Family Law firm, each client gets our cell number and we strive to make sure our clients feel they are heard and listened to.


You will see the phrase affordable and reasonable fees" on many other websites. But, to give you an example of how we are different, we, as a policy, do not charge for every phone call, email or travel time to court. Why should you pay for our commute? You shouldn't. We will earn every dollar you spend. 


Mediate your divorce to avoid costly litigation and emotional distress. But before you hire a mediation firm, ask yourself: is your mediator an experienced and licensed family law attorney? Does the mediator know how a judge will decide issues if you were to litigate your divorce? Use a mediator that is also experienced in divorce litigation to get a fair result for both sides. 


Hogan W. Song is an experienced and winning attorney. His victories at the appeals and trial court level show that when he mediates your divorce, you won't be guessing whether you are getting a fair resolution to your divorce. 


When you want a change in custody, the question of what is in the best interests of the child or children is the watershed question. But, how do you let the judge know that? An experienced custody attorney can help. 


And, if you already have custody orders in place but want to change the orders, there are different standards for changing visitation vs. changing custody. To present your best case, an experienced child custody attorney will be needed.


Hogan W. Song is an experienced and affordable child custody attorney with offices in Orange and Mission Viejo. Contact him for a free 30-minute phone consultation.


Child support is based on a uniform guideline. Often times the guidelines are misunderstood. It is more of a uniform standard calculation than a guideline. An experienced child support attorney can help navigate the many nuances in child support calculations.


And, any change to a child support order should come with an affordable attorney. Don't spend all the difference on attorney's fees.


Call Hogan W. Song an experienced child support attorney for a free 30-minute phone consultation. Offices located in Orange and Mission Viejo.


Often called alimony, spousal support is the correct term for a California divorce. Even more complicated than child support, there is no uniform guideline for permanent spousal support, though temporary spousal support can be set with a guideline.


And, if you want to modify or terminate spousal support, there is a burden you must meet before you can get through the door. An experienced spousal support or alimony attorney can be critical for successfully modifying spousal support.


Call Hogan W. Song, an experienced spousal support attorney located in Orange and Mission Viejo. 

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The myriad of issues in divorce, child support, spousal support, divorce mediation, or family law appeals can be daunting. It is critical to hire an experienced family law attorney who practices exclusively family law. Song Family Law is such a firm. Contact us today for a consultation. We are a Mission Viejo and City of Orange Divorce and Family Law Firm, We limit our caseload to provide better service for our clients. 


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