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Is Your Family Court Order Wrong?

Family law and divorce appeals don’t happen often. But, if your family court order was just plain wrong, call me for a free 30-minute phone consultation to discuss your case. I am Hogan W. Song, an experienced family law attorney, and Certified Family Law Specialist. If I decide to take your case, you can rest assured that you’ve hired a knowledgeable and affordable Orange County appeals attorney. You can read my appellate case victories in the Marriage of Shimkus case, Marriage of Shattuck and Moss, and M.K. v. N.L (a parentage case) The marriage of Shimkus dealt with spousal support, the disentitlement doctrine, evidentiary issues for declarations and attorney fees. The marriage of Shattuck. Moss dealt with post-judgment modification of spousal support and attorney fees. It also involved the long-time soap opera star Ronn Moss who played Ridge Forrester for 25 years in The Bold and The Beautiful. M.K. and N.L. involved a request to set aside a default judgment wherein N.L. obtained sole custody. The Court of Appeal adopted all of our arguments and we successfully defeated M.K.’s request to set aside the judgment even though he didn’t approve of the Commissioner and the Commissioner did not make a Change of Circumstances finding which is required in final judgments when requesting a modification of custody.

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At Song Family Law, APLC, in Mission Viejo and Orange, I provide my clients with legal counsel, advice and representation for cases that have a likelihood of success at the appellate level. Not every trial lawyer has the experience to take cases to the next level. I do. I purposely limit my caseload so I am able to provide the meticulous attention and innovative strategies each client needs for their unique legal needs. Call me at 888-999-0259 or send me an email to initiate a consultation.